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SpeediCath®Compact Male


Thanks to its telescopic design it’s less than half the size of a standard male catheter. SpeediCath® Compact Male can therefore be stored, carried, used and disposed of more discreetly (cf 1). It can be inserted without touching the coated section (cf 1, 2) and it comes ready to use – for even greater convenience and discretion.

The benefits of SpeediCath® Compact Male:
• Compact and practical, both in and out of the home
• Can be inserted without touching coated section (cf 1, 2)
• Instantly ready to use

1) Chartier-Kastler et al. Safety of a new compact catheter for men with neurogenic bladder dysfunction: a randomized, crossover, open-labelled study. Spinal Cord (2011); 49, 844-850
2) Bagi et al.


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