About CathetersPLUS™

Established in 2012 as a division of Red Leaf Medical Inc., CathetersPLUS™ was developed to address the needs expressed by many healthcare professionals to have a one-stop shop for catheters and supplies where their patients can go to get a wide range of product choices to suit their needs.

CathetersPLUS™ is  working with urology specialists and nurses to find solutions that help improve patients’ daily living.

We Offer

  • We have two nurses on staff to assist with catheterization instruction, infection prevention, and when to see a doctor. Virtual appointments are available to discuss safe catheterization practices and instruction for at-home use of INSTYLAN

Catheter Specialists

  • Experts with years of experience assisting catheter users to review their product information, intermittent catheterization techniques & other client education

Reimbursement Support

  • Communicate with insurance companies or agencies via 3-way teleconference to maximize your chance of obtaining reimbursement
  • Assist with completing claims forms or requests for pre-approval
  • Provide price quotations & product information

Translation Services

  • On-demand interpretation allows us to offer all of our services to patients in over 150 languages

Free Samples

  • Many of our catheter products are made available for you to sample before making a purchase decision

FREE Shipping (with minimum order)

  • Direct delivery to your home