IQ-Cath 20 – Hydrophilic Single-Use Catheter

  • for men, length 43 cm, 30 per box
  • not ready for use – must add water
  • sterile
  • The funnel connects with all common urine collection bags and is colour-coded in accordance with respective size (CH) 10, 12, 14, 16, 18.


Rounded tip (patented): The tip of the IQ-Cath consists of a soft, rounded head that sits on top of a highly bendable “neck”.

This combination allows the catheter to pass bottlenecks and bulges of the urethra nearly without resistance.

Flexible zone (patented): The tip is followed by an approximately 5cm-long area that is flexible.

It enhances the ability of the catheter to follow the run of the urethra without pressure.

Guiding zone: This part of the IQ-Cath, which continues down to the funnel, is made of a stiffer material thus making insertion easier.

Smooth eyelets: The catheter eyelets are rounded on the inside and the outside to rule out any injuries to the sensitive tissue of the urethra mucosa.

Funnel: The IQ-Cath is furnished with a soft, easy-grip funnel that connects to all common urine collection bags.

The funnel is colour-coded in accordance with the size (FR).

Packaging: The IQ-Cath comes in a single sterile packaging, optionally also furnished with an additional wrapping for safer transport.

Choice: The IQ-Cath is available as a hydrophilic version (blue) for use with saline solution or as a gel version (green) for use with a lubricating gel – both are also available as ready for use catheters, respectively with urine collection bag.

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10FR, 12FR, 14FR, 16FR, 18FR

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