Ugo 2L Drainage Bags

There’s no more worrying about overnight leakage as this is prevented by the anti-kink tubing and no more worrying about the connection coming loose between your overnight drainage bag and your catheter leg bag.

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  • Soft, kink-resistant inlet tubing to ensure leak-free continuous drainage.

  • Non-return valve to prevent urine going back up the drainage pipe.

  • Reinforced eyelets to ensure level hanging on the bag stand.

  • Needle-free sprung sample port, which locks the syringe for safe sample collection (Ugo 12 and Ugo 13).

  • Transparent universal stepped connector for secure fitting into all indwelling catheters or leg bag silicone outlet tubes for overnight link drainage.

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Drainage Tap

Single-use T Tap (can only drain once) – Sterile pouch packaged, Single-use T Tap (can only drain once)– Non-sterile


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