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Afex® Male Incontinence Management System


The patented breakthrough system for male incontinence management. A comfortable, discreet and reusable alternative to adult diapers, condom catheters and other devices for urinary incontinence.

Patients who use the Afex® system enjoy the benefits of an innovative product that effectively controls odor, leakage, wetness, and helps fight skin rash associated with adult diapers, condom catheters, and other devices for management of male urinary incontinence.

Adhesive-free and latex free receptacle with soft, stay-dry double-walled liner.

96% cotton briefs to effectively support both receptacle and bag.

Collection Bag
Double-sealed collection bag with one-touch drain port.

Available in

  • Active Starter Kit for men who walk, exercise or stand for long periods of time.
  • Mobility-Assisted Starter Kit for men who spend most of their time in a seated position.

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Active Starter Kit, Mobility-Assisted Starter Kit


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